California College of the Arts

June 01 2006

Laura Plageman

California College of the Arts, known simply as CCA, has a long standing reputation for turning out some of the San Francisco Bay Area’s finest talent. The annual MFA exhibition is a showcase for the graduating class. The show features work from   fine art, graphic design, and architecture students.

Laura Plageman

The first characteristic one might notice in Laura Plageman’s photographs is scale. Not only are the photos quite large, one is nearly 10 feet across, but the relational scale uncovers an awareness in the subject previously unseen. What’s unusual about Laura’s work is many of her photos have been manipulated, but not in the photoshop-esque way most people come to expect these days. The photos have been crumpled, torn, altered, and reinterpreted - and then re-shot - giving many of the original forms an additional dimension to stretch the imagination.

Leslie Shows

Leslie Shows builds collage paintings from a dizzying assortment of scraps, cutouts, and confetti. Her work, primarily of surreal landscape, is minimal and serene and at the same time dense and chaotic. From afar one will see simple forms, such as mountains or tunnels, but as the viewer approaches, vast complexity emerges. From close, it’s almost difficult to see the forms they comprise.

Leslie Shows (detail from image above)

Scott De Bie’s paintings are at first playful and appealing as a graphic aesthetic - then they become puzzling and deeply intriguing. What looks like amorphous blobs suddenly become topographical maps or visionary architectural sketches. Embedded through his work one can find messages, directions, indications of connection and ultimately a grand blueprint for some alternate reality.

Scott De Bie

Katie Lewis’ work is a reflection of daily sensations felt throughout her body. Over time she has mapped specific points using hand-made pins strategically placed into her studio walls. These forms both show concentration of sensory awareness and the progression of this awareness over time.

Katie Lewis

A complete list of artists with statements and photos can be found at the official exhibit website. also took photos of the opening.