"Remember, information is not knowledge; knowledge is not wisdom; wisdom is not truth; truth is not beauty; beauty is not love; love is not music; music is the best."
-Frank Zappa

The more I explore the vast world of music, the more I realize how little I understand. I try to ignore the arbitrary boundaries of music and pay attention to what seems most important to me – the musicality and creative intention of the artists. The collection here is my recorded history of exploring music and attempts at sonic assemblage. Songs with a denote my favorite mixes. Enjoy!

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March 17, 2006

The Freshening of Past Ideals

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A deep wander into a hybrid land of psychedelic 60s/70s and the modern parodiable counterpart. The back room of a Rhythm Society event can get pretty cozy! The recorder stopped half way through the mix - so two parts.

Psychedelic Quirky Retro

May 06, 2005

A Son Picks the Sons

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My father was the guitarist for the Bay Area psychedelic rock band “The Sons of Champlin”. The Sons are known for their loud horns and high-energy dance jams. Whenever I introduce someone to the group I almost always play one of their lesser known and quieter songs since I feel it’s easier to hear the brilliance of the song writing and musicianship when you’re not getting blasted. This mix is a compilation representing a quieter side of The Sons. The last track, Knickanick, is one of my all time favorite guitar tracks - noodley, psychedelic bliss :)

Psychedelic Retro

May 05, 1993

Stonie Jazz 5

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My oldest salvaged dj mix. This mix is a time capsule from an early moment of my exploration of djing. When this recording was made I was resident DJ at Mushroom Jazz - playing weekly to 500+ dancing bodies. This mix represented an emerging music and energy that seemed to resonate with every aspect of my musical interest.

My first mix tapes were called “Mushroom Jazz” and I gave some copies to friends. A friend visiting Chicago came back with news that another DJ named Mark Farina also used the term for his mix tapes. We met soon after and started the Mushroom Jazz night. I changed the name from mushroom to “stonie” out of respect for Mark.

I made 100 copies of this mix tape and sent them far and wide as both gift and promotion. 10 years later not a single copy could be found, including the original master. A mass email requesting a copy finally located one in Seattle with my friend Grey Six. It was a copy of a copy of the original, but I was happy to have found one. Grey would often comment that the song titled “The Sun” was one of his all time favorite pieces of contemporary music and would help him get through hard moments in his life. Grey died of terminal illness shortly after sending me his copy of this mix tape, so I’d like to dedicate this recording to the memory of Grey Six.

Peace. Love. Harmony.

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