"Remember, information is not knowledge; knowledge is not wisdom; wisdom is not truth; truth is not beauty; beauty is not love; love is not music; music is the best."
-Frank Zappa

The more I explore the vast world of music, the more I realize how little I understand. I try to ignore the arbitrary boundaries of music and pay attention to what seems most important to me – the musicality and creative intention of the artists. The collection here is my recorded history of exploring music and attempts at sonic assemblage. Songs with a denote my favorite mixes. Enjoy!

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August 11, 2018

Joy & Hapiness

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Summertime jams. Blends new African electronic music, Afro Pop, Afro House, Deep House and some old school African Funk/Disco. Recorded at Joy’s - Oakland, CA 2018

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Cover image from Hassan Hajjaj’s collection of “everyday rock stars”

African Dance Deep Laid-Back

January 03, 2013

Slomo Disco

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Some of my favorite slowed-down disco and soul edits of 2012. Enjoy!

Wake Up Everybody by Psychemagik
Pushin’ On (Situation Edit) by Disco Deviance
Mazin’ by Aliooft
Rise (Dazs Rise Up Edit) by Daz Dalton
The Feeling by Tony T
Later by B-Jam
Love Journey by Eddie C
I Forgot To Be Your Lover (Jim Sharp Edit) by William Bell
Simply Beautiful (Dj Steef Edit) by Dj Steef
My Heart by 78 Edits
Sweet Street Moments by Ilya Decado
Pains Inside by Eddie C
Doin’ Alright by 78 Edits
Love Glow by Rocco Raimundo
Thing About You Baby (Psychemagik Love-Dub Edit) by Tony Joe White
Walk On The Wild Side (Holtoug Bootleg) by Lou Reed
Flying Dreams by Mux Mool
Do That Stuff by Parliament

Dance Deep Soulful

December 05, 1999

Deep in Vancouver

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The mix begins with some deep tech house and builds to a funky crescendo. Good for driving or lego building.

Dance Deep Laid-Back

March 20, 1999

Chillout with Jhno

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Minimal techno and electro set from the Rhythm Society chill room event “Rites of Spring”. Begins with one of jhno’s very own, then meanders through the lands of minimalism, then winds up somewhere a little strange. jhno gave it his seal of approval, so i guess it’s all right.

Deep Minimal Quirky

May 21, 1996

Attuned Forrest

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This mix is hard to describe. It wanders through many styles of ambient and deep house, then somehow ends up in some jazzy house at the end of side 2.

Deep Experimental Quirky