"Remember, information is not knowledge; knowledge is not wisdom; wisdom is not truth; truth is not beauty; beauty is not love; love is not music; music is the best."
-Frank Zappa

The more I explore the vast world of music, the more I realize how little I understand. I try to ignore the arbitrary boundaries of music and pay attention to what seems most important to me – the musicality and creative intention of the artists. The collection here is my recorded history of exploring music and attempts at sonic assemblage. Songs with a denote my favorite mixes. Enjoy!

May 19, 2018

RS Retreat

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Dancing under the stars at a Rhythm Society campout event. Fusion of African and world tech house, breakbeat and bass.

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African Dance Percussive

December 14, 2017

Little Hiphop

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Mostly laid back instrumental hiphop with a sprinkling of Future Funk and soul reworks.

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Soulful Uplifting

September 19, 2016

Gia’s Birthday

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House party of rhum drinking, rhythm loving, soul shaking friends. A meander through African influenced dance music and soulful disco infused deep house.

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African Dance Funky

March 20, 2015

RS Portal

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Recorded at Rhythm Society’s “Portal” event on March 20th, 2015 in Oakland, California.

Ambient Dub Electronic

June 22, 2013


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The theme for the summer solstice Rhythm Society event was “superheroic”. Plenty of masks and capes abound. This mix emerges from a theatrical interstitial involving heroes and heroines. The intention was high energy funk with a hint of nostalgia. The ever-mysterious and talented Musqaria followed with some deep tech trance, which may explain the tail-end dive into a more heady jams. Enjoy!

Taste The Groove (Hot Toddy Remix) by Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band
Neat Disco (Pete Herbert, Dicky Trisco Mix) by Future Feelings
Swaggin by Beatamines & David Jach
For Your Love by Fritz Zander
Broken Hips by Funkalicious James
Bedroom Jam by Kink
Skylife by Future Feelings
Unique by Venice beach
Movin On by Petrus
$100 Bill by Benoit & Sergio
I Wanna by South Of Roosevelt
Pop Muzik (Todd Terje Remix) by M
Acid For Guest List by Mastiksoul
Buffalo Bill by Cole Medina
Illusion by Awon & Bedmo Disco
Chemtrails (Andy Toth Remix) by Stone Owl
Mint Condition by Inigo & Future Feelings
Gain Off by Dionigi
Who’s Harry by Orphan101
Eleven Dimensions by Dionigi
We Are Coming To Give U Peace & Knowledge by Dionigi

Dance Funky Uplifting

January 03, 2013

Slomo Disco

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Some of my favorite slowed-down disco and soul edits of 2012. Enjoy!

Wake Up Everybody by Psychemagik
Pushin’ On (Situation Edit) by Disco Deviance
Mazin’ by Aliooft
Rise (Dazs Rise Up Edit) by Daz Dalton
The Feeling by Tony T
Later by B-Jam
Love Journey by Eddie C
I Forgot To Be Your Lover (Jim Sharp Edit) by William Bell
Simply Beautiful (Dj Steef Edit) by Dj Steef
My Heart by 78 Edits
Sweet Street Moments by Ilya Decado
Pains Inside by Eddie C
Doin’ Alright by 78 Edits
Love Glow by Rocco Raimundo
Thing About You Baby (Psychemagik Love-Dub Edit) by Tony Joe White
Walk On The Wild Side (Holtoug Bootleg) by Lou Reed
Flying Dreams by Mux Mool
Do That Stuff by Parliament

Dance Deep Soulful

April 06, 2012


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In 1996 some friends and I created the Rhythm Society, a music focused community with the goal of creating a safe and intentional environment to dance and celebrate together. We have four major events a year falling on the solstices and equinoxes.

The Spring 2012 event was held on the U.S.S. Hornet, a historic aircraft carrier that fought in WWII, witnessed the atomic test at Bikini Atoll, and picked up the Apollo 11 capsule when it landed in the Pacific. It’s now a museum and event space. For this event I was asked to create the music vision and assemble the cast of DJs. The overall theme of the event was about the conflicting nature of war and our personal struggles to rationalize it. Musically, I wanted to provide an ego-less journey with plenty of room for introspection and some goofiness thrown in to keep spirits high.

I played the morning slot from 4:30 until 6am. The music primarily falls into the genre of tech house, with elements of world music and psychedelia scattered throughout. I hope you enjoy!

Ice (Morris Cowan Remix) by Thomas Bjerring & David Skog
Drivin’ by Homework
Fiesta Gigolo by Michael Knoch
777 by Yapacc
Tango Tan Go by Jurek Prezezdziecki
Drunken Russians (DJ PP Edit) by Gabriel Rocha & DJ PP
Sha Shtil by Gucci Vump
Fissa Tune by Homework
Habibi (Shir Khan Remix) by Malente & Dex
Waiting for the Sun (MollonoBass Remix) by Lula Circus
Zulu by Ordinary Subject
Shingawa (Odo Makes A Smile Remix) by Molisans Brothers
Valkanizateur by Valentino Kanzyani
Mutti Frutti by Nadja Lind
Impacto by Marcus Meinhardt
Suspenders (Aka Aka & Thalstroem Remix) by Oliver Klein
Korea Tabs (Harry Axt Remix) by Flinsch ‘n’ Nielson
Ah Gupten by Norman
Verstrahlte 122 by Laufmasche
Unsichtbare Zweitfrisur (Harry Axt Remix) by Norman
Michele Plays Ping Pong by Daisy Daisy
Marquee by Haruyuki Yokoyama
X by Jan Driver
Jacqueline by Fat Acid

Dance Electronic Hypnotic

February 29, 2012


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On January 31st, 2012 my brother Solomon Kahn died in a car accident while touring as a DJ in Thailand. Solomon’s fiance Nicole, with friends and family, organized a benefit on February 29th to raise funds to help cover financial costs incurred by the tragedy. The event featured a collection of DJs and musicians from Solomon’s scene including DJ Jazzy Jeff, Justin Hoffman, Chris Clouse, Mei Lwun. Ean Golden and Ryan Lucero. This recording is my opening set from the event - a tribute to my brother. I picked music that either expressed feelings or invoked the music my brother loved. I hope you enjoy.

Cheerful Dance Soulful Uplifting

June 12, 2010


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Most things cycle, regurgitating the ghosts of past freshness every 20-odd years. Becoming acutely aware of the recycling of my nostalgic past brings up a flurry of emotions from youthful ecstatic experience to adolescent angst. I fell in love with house music in my late teens which provided some of my first transcendental/spiritual experiences, leaving me with an endless supply of warm and fuzzy feelings for the genre. House was also the first music to break my heart, as the scene I knew and loved crumbled and died. In the past few years I’ve seen a resurgence of the old house vibe I once knew, bringing out familiar smiling faces looking to catch another ride. This mix doesn’t really do the genre justice, but it’s clearly the catalyst.

Dance Electronic

March 17, 2006

The Freshening of Past Ideals

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A deep wander into a hybrid land of psychedelic 60s/70s and the modern parodiable counterpart. The back room of a Rhythm Society event can get pretty cozy! The recorder stopped half way through the mix - so two parts.

Psychedelic Quirky Retro

December 22, 2005

Mali Music

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A lightly mixed compilation of some favorite Malian tracks. The mix begins with “Kan Be”, a mesmerizing track by n’goni player Kakanka Sata. The mix concludes with “Tsara”, a deeply soulful and uplifting cut by guitarist/singer Modeste. Ali Farka Toure, one of Mali’s greatest musicians who’s featured on this mix, passed away in March 2006. So this mix is dedicated to the prolific and brilliant guitarist/singer/songwriter Ali Farka Toure.

African Quiet Uplifting

November 07, 2005


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TechTwerp is a quiet mix of electronic music that skirts the edge between minimal techno and ambient music. The mix begins with Piano Magic’s sea shanty inspired “Haloween Boat”, and ends with my all time favorite Terry Riley piece “Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band”.

Electronic Hypnotic Minimal Uplifting

May 06, 2005

A Son Picks the Sons

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My father was the guitarist for the Bay Area psychedelic rock band “The Sons of Champlin”. The Sons are known for their loud horns and high-energy dance jams. Whenever I introduce someone to the group I almost always play one of their lesser known and quieter songs since I feel it’s easier to hear the brilliance of the song writing and musicianship when you’re not getting blasted. This mix is a compilation representing a quieter side of The Sons. The last track, Knickanick, is one of my all time favorite guitar tracks - noodley, psychedelic bliss :)

Psychedelic Retro

September 17, 2004

Rhythm Society - Sensation

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A magic night with the Rhythm Society. The music was focused and energized all night. Tribal house, afro house, and a little breakbeat towards the end.

Dance Hypnotic Tribal

September 19, 2003

Rhythm Society - Ember

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Dj mix for the Rhythm Society event “Ember” at Cell Space. The set transitions from a high energy breakbeat/tribal set to ambient trance. The volume was turned down towards the end of the mix, so to compensate just turn it up really loud!

Dance Dub Percussive Uplifting

August 08, 2003


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<br>, or break if you’re a dork like me, is a mellow breakbeat mix. It reflects my brief dip into the quieter side of early 2000s incarnation of breakbeat. A little complimentary UK garage thrown in for fun.

Breakbeat Laid-Back Quirky

July 23, 2001

Rhythm Society - Earthtones

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Outdoor campout festival at Camp & Sons in Willits, California. A mix of trippy house, gypsybeats and progressive tribal. Accompanied by Diana (vocals).

Dance Exotic Percussive

December 30, 2000

Rhythm Society - Ripples

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Rhythm Society’s New Years Eve celebration - this retro set brings back some of my early tribal dance favorites beginning with the seminal cut “Papua New Guinea” by the Future Sound of London. Other classics include BT’s first underground hit (IMO) “Nocturnal Transmission” and The Psychic Warriors ov Gaia’s “Exit 23”. A classic booty shaker.

Dance Tribal Uplifting

December 20, 2000


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An attempt to map the evolution of regional world music based on the music on-hand. Africa begins with 1950’s field recordings of traditional song and chant and traverses the 60’s, 70’s, 80, 90’s, then ends with an electronic afrobeat fusion track by Tony Allen (Fela Kuti’s drummer).

African Narrative Soulful

December 19, 2000


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An attempt to map the evolution of regional world music based on the music on-hand. Africa begins with 1950’s field recordings of traditional song and chant and traverses the 60’s, 70’s, 80, 90’s, then ends with an electronic afrobeat fusion track by Tony Allen (Fela Kuti’s drummer).

Asian Narrative

December 05, 1999

Deep in Vancouver

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The mix begins with some deep tech house and builds to a funky crescendo. Good for driving or lego building.

Dance Deep Laid-Back

June 20, 1999

Bliss & Tumble

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Blissed out mellow drum & bass mix recorded from the chillout room of the Rhythm Society event “Playtime”. One of my favorite mixes.

Electronic Soulful Uplifting

April 20, 1999


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Chilled out Indian & Middle Eastern electronic mix. Good with hookahs, sari’s and tikka massala.

Asian Exotic Quiet

March 20, 1999

Chillout with Jhno

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Minimal techno and electro set from the Rhythm Society chill room event “Rites of Spring”. Begins with one of jhno’s very own, then meanders through the lands of minimalism, then winds up somewhere a little strange. jhno gave it his seal of approval, so i guess it’s all right.

Deep Minimal Quirky

January 28, 1999


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My first mix of African music and a precursor of the African History mix. Similar in style and energy to the other African mix.

African Uplifting

November 08, 1998

Dub Quarantine

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The mix opens with some happy slugs eating thier lettuces ala Orb’s Slvg Dvb. The mix meanders through ambient dub and downtempo, then explores some eclectic ambient drum & bass.

Dub Psychedelic Quirky

January 12, 1998

Mellow Bass

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A chilled-out drum & bass mix.

Bass Dub Laid-Back

October 18, 1997

Blissed Out

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A mix of laid back house with some quirky overtones. Not sure why it’s called Blissed Out - it may have something to do with the cheesy strings in the ambient mix of Chicane’s Offshore or it could have just been my state of mind, but the intention now alludes me. Firesign Theater introduces and closes both sides - a surreal treat.

Cheerful Quirky Random

December 23, 1996


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A double dose of chilled out tunes. Side one is mellow downtempo and side two is mellow drum & bass.

Bass Dub Quirky

July 04, 1996

The Cushicle

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The cushicle is an idea someone had for a nomadic living environment you can wear on your back. I’m not sure how I connected the device to this mix, but there you go. The mix begins with dub and works its way into drum & bass.

Bass Dub Electronic

May 21, 1996

Attuned Forrest

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This mix is hard to describe. It wanders through many styles of ambient and deep house, then somehow ends up in some jazzy house at the end of side 2.

Deep Experimental Quirky

December 05, 1994

Live in Tokyo

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When I was working with the clothing company Anarchic Adjustment, I had the amazing opportunity to dj at a chillout club in Tokyo. This recording is the first 45 minutes of my set - the rest was not recorded. A mish-mosh of dubby downtempo grooves.

Dub Jazzy Random

December 23, 1993

Rare Grooves

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The landscape where funk, jazz, soul, blues, gospel, and rock collide is a difficult one to classify. Rare groove is a loose-knit term which avoids the effort of dissection, but describes a fertile period during the 1970’s when these musics merged in beautiful ways.

Classic Jazzy Soulful

May 05, 1993

Stonie Jazz 5

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My oldest salvaged dj mix. This mix is a time capsule from an early moment of my exploration of djing. When this recording was made I was resident DJ at Mushroom Jazz - playing weekly to 500+ dancing bodies. This mix represented an emerging music and energy that seemed to resonate with every aspect of my musical interest.

My first mix tapes were called “Mushroom Jazz” and I gave some copies to friends. A friend visiting Chicago came back with news that another DJ named Mark Farina also used the term for his mix tapes. We met soon after and started the Mushroom Jazz night. I changed the name from mushroom to “stonie” out of respect for Mark.

I made 100 copies of this mix tape and sent them far and wide as both gift and promotion. 10 years later not a single copy could be found, including the original master. A mass email requesting a copy finally located one in Seattle with my friend Grey Six. It was a copy of a copy of the original, but I was happy to have found one. Grey would often comment that the song titled “The Sun” was one of his all time favorite pieces of contemporary music and would help him get through hard moments in his life. Grey died of terminal illness shortly after sending me his copy of this mix tape, so I’d like to dedicate this recording to the memory of Grey Six.

Peace. Love. Harmony.

Jazzy Quiet Retro