My name is Ammon Haggerty and I'm a designer and developer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I've been working in the interaction design industry for more than 20 years.

I currently work at BCG Digital Ventures as a Design Director.

Prior to BCGDV, I worked at Microsoft as a Principal UX Designer and Researcher. The future of search and how it relates to our physical reality was a dominant theme in our team's work. Many of our projects focused on adaptive personalization, conversational understanding, natural user interaction, and wearable products.

I worked as the Experience Design Director at Obscura Digital for three years, where I was responsible for architecting interactive experiences, setting design and usability expectations, and coordinating protection of intellectual property.

I spent five years with Odopod, a digital agency, as both a Senior Developer and a Senior Designer with responsibilities primarily revolving around project pitches/concept development, client presentations, rapid prototyping, visual design direction and technical platform development. Prior to Odopod I helped a visionary company called Quokka Sports to redefine digital sports coverage.

Occasionally my interactive and design work is recognized and over the years I've collected more than 50 prestigious honors, including multiple Communication Arts Annuals, Cannes Lion Awards, and Webbie Awards nominations.

Outside my work, I love music and enjoy sequencing songs with energetic intention - successful attempts go here. My wife Laura introduced me to photography of the larger format film variety - sometimes my photos make it to Flickr. In my free time I'm enjoying the new and wonderful reality of parenthood.

For more information about my work experience please visit my Linkedin page.